Do you have a goal? Can you motivate yourself? Why do you need a plan? Why do I need a team to be successful? Why should we talk about courage?

During my years as an athlete, I have learned to focus on a few factors to achieve success and feel good. My so-called “champ factors” have helped me to reach the top over and over again as an athlete, but also to be successful in other contexts like when I became a PhD or at work.

I also speak about how I handled adversities such as injuries, what it is like to get Graves disease and come back to elite sport and how best to handle dual careers.

I lecture for small and large companies, associations, schools, fairs, conferences etc. … My lectures take about 1 hour and can be combined with a workshop or workout. I have a basic layout but each lecture is special to me and we decide together what you want.

Boxning, Dam-EM

Popular inspirational talks

Five factors that helped me reach the top over and over again

Dual careers / Elite sport and studies
How to best handle dual careers / studies while being an elite athlete? When does it go to far?

The way back 
My way back from Graves disease, injury and falior. How to handle adversities.

Work in team, mental training.


Boxing training för groups / individuals

Physical training for groups / Individual


Mentorship and coaching for individuals