I found boxing 1997. When I first went to the boxing club, it was only to train hard, boxing is amazing physical training, I did not want to go into the ring, I did not want to beat someone else or be beaten myself. My prejudices changed quite quickly and suddenly I was up in my first match … Boxing went fast from a hobby to lifestyle and I did my first national team assignment already two years later. My first World Championship goldmedal 2001 changed my way of looking at life and a number of international merits later I’m still passionate about my sport.


In the midst of my active career, I got sick with Grave’s disease, which I tampered with for many years before I finally removed the thyroid gland. During my illness, I made three successful comebacks in the ring against all odds. This taught me that I can handle everything I really want. It also made me humbly grateful for being healthy.


Education and development has always been important to me. Aside my boxing career I have a degree in Chemistry from Lund University and a PhD from KTH. Having two careers in parallel is both tiring and stimulating. It feels good to have an education to fall back on and it’s fun and stimulating.




Name: Anna Laurell Nash

Family: Husband Danny Nash

Live: Stockholm, Sweden

Occupation: PhD. in chemistry from KTH Club Trainer at IF Linnéa Inspirational speaker and trainer for company’s and individuals

Boxing clubs: Lunds Boxningssällskap 1997-2007 IF Linnéa 2007-

Favorite quote: Don´t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can´t get it wrong. ”Michael Jordan”


2 Olympic Games, London 2012 (5th place) and Rio 2016
European Games SILVER 2015
World championships GOLD 2001, 2005
World championships SILVER 2008
World championships BRONZE 2012
European championships GOLD 2004, 2005, 2007
European championships SILVER 2001
European championships BRONS 2003
Swedish championships GOLD 8
Nordic championship GOLD 5